Sophisticated Visual Lines in Plus Size Clothing

Hi ladies! Do you ever walk into a plus size department and think “wow they didn’t consider what a plus size body looks like at all they just took a super trendy idea and made it bigger.” This is such a bummer and so frustrating because we ALL should be able to rock our curves in gorgeous, sophisticated designs. Let's chat visual interest: 

I want to talk to you about architecturally structured, sophisticated, Plus size pieces that have a lot of visual interest. There’s a trend right now with ruffles and big bell sleeves and a lot of extra fabric, and for standard sizing, this trend looks really fun and really interesting. However, on a plus size body depending upon your shape whether it’s Hourglass, Pear or Apple those lines and that extra fabric just translate as HEAVY and that’s not really what we’re going for. 

So let’s talk about an Urban/Evening look and how you can take that beautiful, sexy, flouncy, ruffly trend and find pieces that are proportionate and appropriate to your body. I think the most important thing to remember is that every shape has beautiful curves that should be accentuated and so what I tend to say is that there needs to be interest from top to bottom. 

So what does that mean "interest top to bottom"? Basically, either the dress should be to the floor or to the knee and additionally has to be sleeveless. That does not mean that you cannot put on a shrug or something to cover your arms if that want to or it’s cold or pick one it doesn’t matter whatever the reason may be. BUT  there needs to be a block for which to showcase the beautiful architecture and design (in this case ruffles) that you’re wanting to show off. This can be super challenging because for the most part, they take standard size clothes, add fabric and then all of a sudden there is a plus size option. Which is not the case because the design SHOULD have to change, the structure should be different the way ruffles lay need to be different. So this is an example of how to dress your plus body using a sophisticated trend that’s visually interesting and showcases the gorgeous, fabulous, Plus size curvy shape that you are. 

So, look at this gorgeous layflat and let’s talk about why this works:

One it’s a solid color that is imperative when you are doing architectural interest in your clothing.

Two the dress is cut at the KNEE and sleeveless.

Three the ruffle is actually framing the most accentuated part of this plus woman which is her beautiful face and hair.

Four the ruffle does not distract from the curve or hide Curve of her body but rather creates an interest in where you want the eye to go which is to your face.

Tips to remember:

Floor length

Sleeveless in CUT ONLY (add a shrug if need be or a jacket)

Knee length

One Color

One set of visual interest (NOT covered in ruffles)


Rock those curves!!