Visulaize Your Body Type.

We are here to help the Plus woman find the perfect cut to enhance your body and be the boss you are!

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Welcome to theRavenBlanc blog! My name is Melissa and I want to share with you what fashion in the Plus size world means to me. I think that so often when I walk into a plus size section I look at clothes and they are not cut for a woman with an actual body, there is just more fabric and no consideration to ratios, proportions and cut; especially if you happen to be a tall plus size or a petite plus size (that's not an oxymoron!!). For me, I want to be able to own what I am wearing and feel as though I am in an outfit that is reflective of who I am, my goals, and most of all is stylish and sophisticated. I’m sure that many of you of had that feeling when you walk into a department store or any store that is supposed to have a plus size section; you get there and think "oh am I supposed to be wearing a blanket? I don’t want to wear a blanket!" I am here to show you that you do not have to, and not only do you not have to there are so many ways to be sophisticated and gorgeous as a plus! One of the most important things that I can tell every plus size woman is to know what your shape is, learn how to find clothes that fit regardless of size, and visualize where and how clothing should hit your body as you shop. For me, I’m an hourglass and I always want to accentuate that shape and focus on finding clothes that are reflective of my style while also flattering, sophisticated and empowering. So let’s get started!

Today we are going to chat about visualizing your body’s shape as you shop for clothes. That concept may sound esoteric, but really what it means is I want you to be able to take out the frustration when shopping, I want to smash the belief that you should look a certain way as a plus size woman, and I want you to be empowered by knowing that when you shop and you are looking for certain clothes there are things that you are going to look amazing in. I want you to start from the place of feeling empowered by your wardrobe and be empowered by the clothing choices that you make. These choices should not diminish your style or help you to feel like there’s nothing sophisticated that you can wear because that isn’t true. It’s all about you being able to visualize exactly what the points on your body are that you want to accentuate and how clothes should hit them. What I have found as a plus size woman visualizing my body type as I shop, is size doesn’t matter but cut means everything! 

We are going to look at three basic pieces that pretty much every woman has in their wardrobe and I’m going to help you be able to go into a store, find the pieces that you need regardless of your shape or size, and give you the freedom to understand what flatters your body and why and how you can shop to accentuate every single asset that you have. What other things about this blog that I think is really super important to point out is that we are not in the market to say “what are your flaws let's cover them” or “what are your insecurities let’s mask them.” Really what we’re here to say is every single body every single person has something that is unique to them and needs to be accentuated and highlighted. Also, there are other things that should not the focal point but they still are very much a part of who you are and should be embraced. Basically, I hope that you are able to move about your life in a beautiful fashionable way that makes you feel like you are reflecting exactly who you are. So that’s pretty much what visualize your body type is all about.





For me, I like to start from the outside in. So, I start with the blazer: where on my body I want it to hit me and what look I’m going for. I always want to look tailored, sophisticated and chic. So for today, I’m going with a work look with a blazer that hits mid-hip tailored at the wait to accentuate my shape, mid-calf skirt, and a fitted blouse. Sticking to the same chic, tailored, sophisticated style that I have I want a close-fitting blouse that actually hits below or close to the base of the blazer. The skirt for me should hit mid-calf because I want the option to wear nylons and heels/flats or power boots. Above all, I want tonal colors that I can accessorize and feel powerful in for the entire day!

List of pieces:

Blazer: Ava & Viv Target

Blouse: Prologue for Target

Skirt: Prologue for Target


A New Day for target

Total Cost: $112.96



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